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Appleton automobile accident attorneys, minor driver sponsorsThe liability of parents or sponsors of minor drivers may soon be limited because of two bills that were recently passed by the Senate and Assembly. If Governor Walker signs these bills, longstanding Wisconsin law will be changed with the stroke of his pen. Here is what you need to know about the current laws and how they may apply to you and your teen driver.

Wisconsin Teen Driver Sponsorship Requirements

In the state of Wisconsin, all drivers under the age of 18 must have a sponsor. This person must have legal guardianship rights and fall within the state's definition of an “approved adult.” Upon signing, this adult sponsor:


Appleton car accident attorneys, smartwatches, car accidentsDistracted driving is a major cause of auto accidents in the United States and the rise of handheld mobile devices over the past decade has significantly increased the risks of accidents and injuries on the road. Specifically, texting, emailing, or other types of messaging are considered to be particularly dangerous forms of distraction because they cause all three types of distractions:

  • Visual Distraction: Taking your eyes off the road (visual distraction);
  • Manual Distraction: Taking your hands off the wheel; and
  • Cognitive Distraction: Taking your focus from the task of driving.

Despite laws in Wisconsin banning texting for all drivers and restricting any cell phone use for novice drivers, individuals continue to put their own lives and the lives of other at risk by texting.

Smartwatches Are No Safer


family member caused my accident, Wisconsin Car Accident LawyerCar accidents are stressful. Involved parties can be left with significant property damage, medical bills, and other losses. Moreover, impacted parties may seek compensation by filing a legal claim for personal injury against the individual responsible for the accident. Yet the situation following a car accident can become significantly more complicated when the accident is caused by a family member, friend or neighbor. If this happens, you may be reluctant to file a lawsuit due to the potential damage it may cause to your relationship or neighborhood politics. Too many people fail to consult with an attorney—or ever try to recover for their losses—when accidents involve family or friends. However, it is important to note that Wisconsin does have a law which provides a solution for injured parties in these scenarios.

Wisconsin's Direct Action Statute

In many states, you must sue the responsible party in order to recover for your losses. The “direct action” statute in Wisconsin, however, allows injured parties to file a legal claim directly against the insurance company of the responsible party without even naming the individual as a party to the lawsuit. Hence, you do not have to sue a family, friend, or neighbor in order to obtain the compensation you deserve.


Wisconsin pedestrian accident attorney, pedestrian safety, A young Illinois man was recently struck by a vehicle while running across I-94. This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder of the importance of pedestrian awareness while driving. The 28-year-old man was struck by an SUV in downtown Minneapolis as he tried to run across the highway around 3 a.m. The man was taken to a local hospital but was unable to recover from his injuries and passed away.

Pedestrian Accidents in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation keeps detailed records on the number of traffic incidents involving pedestrians. In 2012, a single pedestrian was killed or harmed every 6.9 hours. There were over 1, 200 crashes involving pedestrians, which resulted in over 1, 236 pedestrians being hurt and 44 killed. It is not surprising that almost any accident involving a pedestrian results in the pedestrian sustaining injuries. While this number has decreased over the years, the dangers that pedestrians face from drivers is impossible to ignore.


high-speed pursuits, Wisconsin auto accident attorneyHigh-speed chases involving police officers are dangerous, not only for the police personnel but for  nearby pedestrians and motorists. Innocent bystanders are often involved in accidents caused by high-speed pursuits, and the results can be catastrophic and result in severe, life-threatening injuries.

High-Speed Crash in Brown County 

In 2012, a Brown County sheriff's deputy was involved in a high-speed chase that resulted in a third-party vehicle being broadsided by the patrol car. At one point during the chase, the cars were traveling at over 100 mph

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