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Wisconsin burn injury lawyers-Burn injuries can leave lasting effects on your life, your family, and your finances. There can be physical effects including disfigurement, scarring, tissue, nerve, muscle, and tendon damage. Long-term care and on-going medical treatment can drain family finances and even lead to bankruptcy. Burn injuries can also be emotionally and mentally scarring in the form of pain, suffering, loss of a career, or loss of a spouse.

Therefore, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of a serious burn and seek medical attention should you or a loved one suffer such a burn. Any burn above a first-degree burn requires immediate medical attention.

  • First-degree burn. These are treatable at home and cause only redness and mild swelling.
  • Second-degree burn. These burns cause a painful, swollen, moist-looking area on the skin. A second-degree burn affects the first two skin layers and can leave a scar.
  • Third-degree burn. These burns penetrate down to the fatty layer below the skin. Instead of pain, the victim may feel numbness in the area.  
  • Fourth-degree burn. These burns may cause blackening of the skin. The burn victim may not feel pain due to nerve damage.  

Seeking Damages for Burn Injuries in Wisconsin 

In Wisconsin, if your burn injuries are a result of another person’s bad act or neglect, there is a window of opportunity in which you may seek legal recovery for your damages. This window of opportunity is called a “statute of limitations, ” and in Wisconsin, it is three years. After three years, the window will close and you may no longer recover for any damages.


Wisconsin burn injury lawyersBurn injuries are often caused by preventable and negligent mistakes, such as car accidents or defective products. In such instances, victims may be owed compensation for the injuries and losses they experience. Learn more about the claims process and how an attorney can help protect your rights in a burn injury case.

Types of Burn Injuries

Despite the common misconception, there are actually several different types of burn injuries, and each may affect the victim differently. For example, an electrical burn is far more likely to cause internal injury than a chemical or second-degree burn. In contrast, chemical burns are far more likely to leave external scarring and disfigurement than internal burns. Understanding this – and how it may impact the amount of your settlement – can be crucial to your case.


Appleton burn injury lawyersBurn injuries can be physically, financially, and emotionally devastating for anyone, but children can be at an especially high risk for fatality and long-term complications. Their bodies are smaller, and the recovery can be more traumatizing. Now it is being suggested that children may also experience developmental and educational delays because of their burns. This makes it even more critical for parents to understand their right to pursue compensation.

How Big is the Impact?

According to statistics from Safe Kids, a total of 334 children died from burn injuries in 2013 (the most recent year for which data is available). Another 126, 035 were seen in emergency rooms for burns. Their causes varied, typically by age, and included issues ranging from scalding to direct fires experienced in auto accidents.


apartment fire, Appleton burn accident lawyers, burn injuries, burn injuries in Wisconsin, first degree burns, Green Bay burn accident lawyers, second degree burns, third degree burns, Wisconsin burn injury lawyerAccording to the U.S. Fire Administration, the number of fires across the United States has decreased over the past decade. In fact, in 2011 there were 1, 389, 500 fires compared to 1, 687, 500 in 2002. Although there have been fewer fires in recent years, the number of injuries caused by fires is still unfortunately high. In 2011, fires caused approximately 17, 500 injuries. Fires that occur in homes and apartment buildings can not only cause a devastating loss of sentimental personal items, but can also result in serious burn injuries and even death.

Wisconsin Man Dies in Apartment Fire

It was recently reported that a 61-year-old man was killed in an apartment fire that occurred in Delavan, Wisconsin. As noted by local authorities, a person living in the upper floor of the apartment building smelled smoke and reported the possible occurrence of a fire. By the time authorities had arrived, the caller was able to escape. Unfortunately, a man living in the lower apartment had not been able to escape and was found badly burned. Firefighters attempted to revive him but their efforts were unsuccessful. They were eventually able to extinguish the fire and discovered that any damage due to the fire was contained within the bottom unit. The cause of the fire is unknown and will be investigated by a state fire marshal.

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