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Appleton workplace injury attorneysWorkers can experience any number of injuries while on the job, but those that deal with compression - having their body crushed between two heavy objects - tend to suffer from life-long complications. Location of the compression and the amount of the body affected can increase the risk of serious, long-term issues. Learn more about how compression injuries may affect the life of you or your loved one, and discover how a seasoned, competent personal injury lawyer may be able to help increase the overall amount of your workplace injury settlement. 

Location of Compression

While most work-related compression injuries are experienced on the extremities (feet, hands, arms, or legs), employees in certain industries may also be at high risk for a compression injury to the head or spine. Examples can include factory workers and those in the construction industry. 

While an arm or leg is no less significant to a person than their brain or spine, the latter areas house the body’s most important structures. The brain controls everything from muscle movement to a person's breathing and heartbeat. The spine encases nerve bundles that control sensation and movement throughout the entire body. If either of these areas is injured seriously enough, it could render the victim paralyzed - or worse. 


Green Bay auto accident attorneysOf all the injuries that one can sustain in an auto accident, those relating to the brain and spine are usually the most devastating. In fact, many victims find themselves disabled or severely limited in their ability to work and earn money for their families after such an injury. Compensation, which may be owed to them, cannot give them back their lives, but a new research project hopes to return at least some functionality back to injured parties. Learn more about this study, and discover how the assistance of a seasoned, competent auto accident lawyer can increase the chances of full and fair compensation after a debilitating accident-related injury.

Researchers Learn How to “Switch On” Potentially Healing Gene

Scientists have long known that certain genes found within the body’s cells can aid in healing the body. What they did not know was how to turn the genes on when an injury occurred. However, a study on mice has allowed them to not only identify which gene to turn on but to also turn over-express it so that it works more effectively. At the current moment, they only know that doing so can reduce the size of a scar. Hypothetically, this could minimize the damage of a spinal or brain injury, but more studies will need to be done in order to determine if their hypothesis is correct. They hope to work with more mice, both shutting off and over-expressing the gene to determine what (if any) added healing benefits the gene offers to spine and brain injury victims.

Waiting for Science While Coping with a Brain or Spine Injury 

The recent study is not the first to examine possible options for brain and spine injury victims. In fact, there are dozens of various surgeries and methods being tested to improve the level of healing that injured parties experience after an accident. Unfortunately, they are all still in preliminary, testing stages, and it could be years before even a single option becomes available to the general population. What this means for today’s victims is that they may live with limitations for the rest of their lives. As such, it is critical that injured parties receive full and fair compensation for their losses. The chances of this happening are much higher when accident victims seek the assistance of a seasoned personal injury attorney. 


Appleton spinal injury lawyersAlthough victims may sustain an injury to almost any part of the body during an auto accident, those relating to the spine are often the most severe. They also happen to be some of the most commonly experienced injuries in serious crashes. Learn more about the types of spinal injuries that may occur in car crashes, discover what compensation may be owed to you, and gain information on the ways that an experienced attorney can increase your chances of making a full and fair recovery. 

Whiplash Injuries

Of all the spinal injuries that may occur during a car accident, whiplash is the one most frequently experienced. Most people consider it an injury to the neck, which is mostly true, but it can also affect the spine. Victims also sometimes experience multiple spinal injuries, which can compound the complications that they experience from their whiplash injuries. Some whiplash victims also sustain what is known as chronic whiplash. A phenomenon that is still highly misunderstood, it can cause a lifetime of pain and emotional distress for the injured party.


Wisconsin spinal injury attorneysSpinal injury victims often have a long road of rehabilitation, and outcomes are never guaranteed. Thankfully, science has been working hard to improve the quality of life for these individuals. One prime example is the current project at Kennedy Krieger. Researchers there are studying the potential effect of aquatic therapy, hoping it will improve long-term outcomes for spinal injury victims. Learn more about spinal injuries, the possibilities of aquatic therapy, and what you can do as a victim to seek compensation for the losses you have experienced.

Aquatic Therapy and Spinal Injuries

Most forms of rehabilitation are currently centered around slings, harnesses, and other suspension devices. While often helpful, these devices do not give victims much freedom of movement, and that can make them feel even more hopeless. Aquatic therapy can empower victims and give them a sense of independence. The water makes them weightless, giving them more control over their bodies. Many are even able to complete their physical therapy with little to no physical support from their physical therapist or movement devices.


Green Bay spinal cord injury lawyersSpinal cord injuries can be scary and devastating to the victim and their family. However, not all mean the person will be paralyzed for life. In fact, spinal injuries are experienced at varying degrees, and some have a better prognosis than others. Learn the basic differences between the two main types of spinal cord injuries, and more about how those variations could impact your personal injury case.

Spinal Cord Injuries (General)

Protected and encompassed within the vertebrae, your spinal cord transfers messages from your brain to the rest of your body. When the protective but bony vertebrae are damaged - crushed, broken, or otherwise compromised - they can cut into or compress the spinal cord and damage it. As a result, messages are no longer able to reach the affected parts of your body. The lower the damage, the further down your body the damage will likely be. Alternatively, injuries higher up on the spinal cord (closer to your head) can cause more widespread loss of sensation, movement, or control.

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