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b2ap3_thumbnail_Wisconsin-auto-accident-lawyers_20170526-162221_1.jpgThis Memorial Day weekend is expected to be the busiest for travel in more than a decade, and for good reason. Employment is up, gas prices are down, and families and friends are ready to celebrate. With some 766, 000 Wisconsin residents expected to travel out of town and 693, 000 expected to hit the highways, road crews are taking off for the extended weekend. Unfortunately, that does not eliminate the risk of a construction zone accident.

Construction Zones Still Require Attentiveness

Although workers are taking an extended weekend off to make more room for drivers, orange cones, lane closures, and other elements specific to construction zones will still be present. As always, these areas require that drivers be attentive. Pay special attention to the road and the drivers around you. Watch for sudden lane changes or closures, vehicles that seem to be moving erratically, and uneven pavement areas. Also, be prepared for slow traffic through construction areas, and even potential stops due to congestion.


dog bites over Memorial Day, Wisconsin Dog Bite Injury AttorneyAccording to statistics reported by the ASPCA, an estimated 4.7 million individuals in the United States are bitten by a dog on an annual basis. Approximately 800, 000 dog bite victim visit emergency departments for medical treatment of injuries sustained by a bite. Dog bites can cause several different types of injuries, and may include serious, long-lasting symptoms and effects. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the risks of dog bites and how to avoid them.

With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, millions of individuals will participate in barbecues, parties, picnics, and other types of gatherings in parks and backyards across Wisconsin. Hence, people will be in close vicinity to dogs with whom they may not be familiar.

If a person is unsure of a dog's temperament, he or she may unknowingly do something that causes the dog to respond in defense. Furthermore, dogs may become overwhelmed by large groups of people or activities taking place around them and may react by biting someone nearby. Even dogs who do not have violent tendencies or a history of biting may bite a person under such circumstances.

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