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Green Bay, WI personal injury attorney for lost wagesMedical bills and physical pain are common after a car accident, but these are not the only issues that can affect a victim’s life and finances. The loss of income that results from an inability to work while recovering can have a huge impact on a family’s financial situation and overall emotional health. Seeking compensation for lost wages is an important component of a personal injury claim. If you are temporarily or permanently unable to return to work following a car accident, a skilled personal injury attorney can help you understand your options for receiving the financial resources your family desperately needs.

Missing Work After a Car Accident

In Wisconsin, there are two key laws that protect the jobs of employees who need to take time off because of a serious health condition. The Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows a person to take up to 12 weeks of time off. The Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act functions similarly, allowing an employee to take up to two weeks of time off. However, both the federal and state laws only protect employees from losing their jobs, and the time taken off under these laws will typically be unpaid. This means that while an employee’s job may be protected for three months, he or she may not receive any pay during that time. 

Types of Lost Wages

When injuries prevent a person from returning immediately to work, the loss of income can be devastating, causing a family to struggle to make ends meet. In a personal injury claim, a victim may be able to recover compensation for:


personal injury case, Wisconsin personal injury lawyer, emotional distress, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, non-economic damages, economic damages, medical expenses, medical bills, lost wages, personal injury lawsuit, Green Bay personal injury attorney, Appleton personal injury attorney, recover damagesBeing the victim of an accident can be a traumatic and life-changing experience. Serious injuries can result following all types of incidents including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, workplace accidents, and even dog attacks. However, when an accident is caused by someone else's negligent or reckless conduct, the victim may be entitled to compensation. In addition to the medical expenses incurred to treat the accident-related injuries, the person liable for the accident may be responsible for other damages that resulted from the accident. Personal injury lawsuits are designed to compensate victims for injuries sustained to a person's body or emotional well-being. Thus, filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the best way for a victim to make his or her life whole again after an accident.

Types of Damages 

Once liability is established in a personal injury case, the next step is to calculate the amount of damages the victim is entitled to receive. Wisconsin follows a modified comparative fault system for recovering damages, adhering to the “51% rule.” Accordingly, the victim's award of damages is reduced by his or her percentage of fault in the accident, as long as the victim's percentage of fault is less than 51%. An injured party who is more than 51% at fault for his or her injuries cannot recover from another party.

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