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Green Bay car crash lawyersAuto accidents are complex events that can be caused by (or are the result of) any number of factors. Drunk or distracted driving, vehicle defects, and reckless driving are factors that may indicate an element of negligence, and that could entitle a victim to compensation from any parties that are deemed liable in the case. There are also other factors that could either reduce or eliminate the negligence element in what initially appeared to be a “cut and dry” case.

An accident in which one driver appeared to be drunk, but then turned out to have a serious health condition, serves as a prime example. The following sections explain how health conditions in an at-fault driver may alter the outcome of a personal injury case. You shall also learn how an experienced attorney can protect your right to pursue full and fair compensation after an accident has occurred.

Health Conditions in At-Fault Drivers

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Appleton car accident lawyersAccording to statistics, speeding is the second leading cause of auto accidents within the United States. Yet many drivers continue to ignore the posted speed limit signs. If you have been injured in a car crash by a speeding driver, learn your rights, including your right to pursue full and fair compensation for your losses.

Speeding is a Serious Problem in the U.S.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that speeding-related crashes cost Americans $40.4 billion each year. That figure does not include the cost of increased insurance premiums for speeding drivers, the fines for tickets, or the increased gas usage. Instead, that figure covers only damage to property, lost wages for injured victims, and other accident-related costs. It should also be noted that speeding was found to be a factor in 31 percent of all fatal car accidents in 2008.


Green Bay car crash lawyerEven after roads have been plowed and treated to melt the snow and ice, road users need to be aware of potential dangers. This is especially true when it comes to the presence of black ice. Often caused by areas that have melted and then refrozen, it is most often an issue in the early morning hours because it is so difficult to see while driving in the dark. It is also one of the most common causes of car crashes in the winter. If one has happened to you or someone you love, the following can help you understand your right to pursue compensation.

Driving in Icy Conditions

While most crashes are due to the fault of a driver, some that relate to inclement weather are unpreventable and unavoidable (unless, of course, you do not drive). Icy conditions - particularly conditions that create black ice - are a prime example. As stated, the best method of preventing such accidents is to avoid driving in the early morning and late night hours. Unfortunately, not everyone has this option. So, if you must drive, go slower than normal, watch overpasses and bridges, and ensure your vehicle is winter-ready.


Green Bay auto accident lawyersParents often go to great lengths to protect their children. What happens, though, when the negligent actions of another cause an automobile accident that results in injury to the child? Do parents have any form of recourse, and if so, what? The following information explains further, and provides details on how to ensure your child’s safety after a crash.

An Ounce of Prevention

While there is little you can do to change the behavior of others, you can reduce your child’s risk of injury by ensuring they are riding safely. Use the correct size and type of car seat for your child, ensure the seat belt is properly secured, and never let your child sit in the front seat. Further, it can help to teach your child why car safety is important. Parents should also lead by example (wearing their own seat belts, not talking on the phone or texting while driving, etc.).


Appleton, WI auto accident attorneysCell phone use while driving is a serious problem in Wisconsin, and throughout the United States. A dangerous habit, no matter where you are, it can be especially problematic in work zones, where things can change in an instant and workers are often present. Wisconsin has responded to the issue by passing a new law that will make it illegal to use a cell phone and drive while in a construction zone, starting October 1st.

New Law Comes with Hefty Penalties

Telling drivers that cell phone use behind the wheel is dangerous does not do the trick – climbing rates of distracted driver accidents throughout the country, despite awareness efforts, have proven that. So lawmakers are taking a new approach. As of October 1st, anyone caught using a cell phone without a hands-free device in work zones will face a $40 fine for their first offense, and a $100 fine for any violations after. Those making emergency calls to 911 will be the exception, but do not expect to e able to use this excuse unless you are actually calling an emergency number.

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