burn injuries, psychological effects of burn injuries, Wisconsin Personal Injury LawyerAccording to the American Burn Association, an estimated 40, 000 individuals suffer burn injuries that require hospitalization or extended stays in burn centers. Medical treatment for severe burn injuries has much improved in modern times and the survival rate for burns is nearly 97 percent. However, even after injuries are stabilized, burn victims are commonly left facing a long road to recovery that may include significant pain, extensive and invasive treatments, and scars and disfigurements. It is no surprise that the majority of burn victims also suffer from serious psychological distress or mental conditions.

Distress Can Vary from Case to Case

No two burns are exactly the same, and thus no two burn center patients will feel the same emotional effects of their injuries. Some of the common causes of psychological distress in burn patients include the following:

Treatment for Psychological Injuries

Just as symptoms and causes of distress differ, so do the treatment strategies for burns victims. The treatment plan for one particular individual may involve collaboration between several different professionals and may include:

In addition, treatment plans can be much different and more complicated if a burn victim is a child and requires assistance with school or related obligations.

If a burn injury is the fault of another person or party, the victim has the legal right under Wisconsin law to recover for all related losses caused by the burn accident. This includes financial bills for medical treatment and lost wages as well as compensation for psychological distress and pain and suffering. Calculating damages for psychological injuries can be complex, however, so you always want to have a skilled personal injury lawyer attorney handling your case who understands all of the effects of burn injuries, including emotional and psychological effects, and can present evidence of your psychological struggles in court.

An Experienced Appleton and Green Bay Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

Dealing with a serious burn injury can be physically and psychologically challenging for many years and may cause permanent disabilities and substantial financial losses. At the Herrling Clark Law Firm Ltd., our dedicated Appleton personal injury lawyers and Green Bay personal injury lawyers always strive to help burn victims receive the most possible compensation for their losses from any liable parties. We have offices located in Appleton, Green Bay, New London and Oshkosh, so call today to schedule a free consultation to find out how we can help.