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Appleton child support attorneyWhen a child’s parents are divorced or separated, child support is a crucial means of ensuring that the child’s basic needs are met as they would be in a two-parent household. For parents, however, there may be uncertainty as to how child support obligations are determined. The parents may be unsure about who will be required to pay and how much, especially if there is a significant difference in income between the two parents or a recent change in their financial situation. Here, we help you understand how parental income plays a role in calculating Wisconsin child support payments.

Factors in Wisconsin Child Support Calculations

When calculating child support in Wisconsin, the first important consideration is the percentage of the year that the children spend in overnight placement with each parent. If the children are not placed with  each parent for  at least 25 percent of the year, or 92 overnights, the parties will not have shared physical placement of the child(ren); therefore, the parent with less than 25% of the overnights will be required to make monthly child support payments based on the number of children the parties have, using the following rates:

  • 17 percent of income for 1 child
  • 25 percent of income for 2 children
  • 29 percent of income for 3 children
  • 31 percent of income for 4 children
  • 34 percent of income for 5 children or more

If, however, the children are placed with both parents for at least 92 overnights throughout the year, the parents are considered to share physical placement, and the payment calculation becomes more complicated:


Green Bay prenuptial agreement attorney, prenuptial agreementNo one who marries ever intends to divorce, but despite parties' best intentions, divorce does happen. This means potentially months of arguments, litigation, or settlement meetings to divide up property, determine custody and placement of children, and other particulars—all of which carry substantial costs. However, for those who drafted and executed a prenuptial agreement before their marriage, the mess and stress that often come with a divorce can be greatly reduced. Learn the basics, the benefits, and whether or not a prenuptial agreement might be right for you.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

Otherwise known as “marital agreements” or “pre-marital agreements, ” prenuptial agreements are written legal agreements that define what will belong to whom, should a divorce occur. This can be as broad or as limited as the couple chooses, but most decide to include at least a few of the following:

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