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Wisconsin truck accident lawyersDriving near or behind a semi truck can cause anxiety and trepidation, even for the most seasoned of drivers. The reasons are many, but it all comes down to one thing: they are large and accidents with them can be devastating. The same can be said of accidents involving debris and fallen cargo. What options do victims have when they are injured because of such an incident? The following information explains. 

Road Debris versus Debris from a Truck - Understanding the Difference 

Like other vehicles, semis sometimes run over road debris, but because the semi is far larger than another vehicle, the debris can then be catapulted on or into the vehicle of another driver. Typically, such accidents are seen as unexpected and unforeseen events, so compensation may be difficult to obtain. However, if the debris comes from the truck itself - be it cargo or otherwise - the victim of the accident may be owed compensation. Still, victims often experience great difficulty when trying to obtain compensation for such accidents. 


Appleton truck accident lawyersSemi-truck accidents are some of the most devastating crashes on the road, so fair compensation is often critical for victims. Unfortunately, few are prepared for the intensive process. Learn more about what happens after a truck crash, and discover how the assistance of a seasoned, competent truck accident lawyer can improve the outcome of your personal injury case.

Understanding the Investigation Process

While most accidents involve an investigation, those involving semi-trucks are usually more intense, and they often take longer to complete. Part of this can be attributed to the government regulations that trucking companies operate under, but there are other factors that may elongate the process as well. For example, a driver may be required to complete drug and alcohol testing if there is suspicion of intoxication at the time of the crash. Another issue is that there are often multiple investigations that take place, including:


Appleton truck accident lawyersOf all the crashes that occur on the road, those involving commercial trucks tend to be the most devastating. In fact, victims of semi-truck crashes often live with debilitating health conditions that diminish their quality of life. Learn more about these injuries, and the compensation that you or your loved one may be entitled to, in the following sections.

Spinal Injuries

Although spinal injuries can occur in any crash, they are far more common in accidents involving large commercial vehicles. That is because a semi truck’s increased size will typically result in a stronger more forceful impact, which is the main cause of injuries to the spine. Thrown one direction, and then another in a crash, injuries to the spine may involve the spinal column (the bundle of nerves responsible for transmitting messages between the body and the brain), the vertebrae (small bones that encase the spinal column), or the discs that serve as a cushion between the vertebrae.


Wisconsin truck accident lawyersStatistical estimates indicate that some 70 percent of the freight that is moved and sold throughout the United States is transported by commercial trucks. Sadly, the data also shows that the crashes involving such vehicles rose by 62 percent between 2009 and 2015. That is a total of 95,000 additional accidents during that time-period. When taking all this into account, it becomes abundantly clear that drivers and other road users need to be aware of their rights, should a crash ever occur. Learn more, including how liability, negligence, and damages are determined after a commercial vehicle accident with help from the following information.

Liability and Negligence in a Commercial Vehicle Accident

Commercial vehicle accidents are typically more complex than other traffic crashes. Much of this is due to the multiple parties that may be involved. For example, the truck driver is one potentially liable party. Depending on whether they are self-employed, an independent contractor, or an employee of a company, the trucking company itself may also be liable. The owner of the commercial vehicle, maintenance professionals, and even freight loaders may also be held responsible if they are deemed a negligent party in a truck accident case.


Wisconsin truck accident lawyersAround 70 percent of all the goods and merchandise sold in the United States are transported by semi-truck – perhaps even more, now that online shopping has become more common. Sadly, there are not enough drivers in the country to operate those trucks, which is why there is now an influx of older drivers. A recent investigation revealed that these older drivers may be driving up the rate of semi accidents. Learn more, including what rights that you or a loved one may have after a truck accident, and discover how an experienced attorney can help.

Older Semi Driver Accidents Increase by Nearly 20 Percent

Statistics indicate that around 10 percent of all semi drivers are now over the age of 65. Most have either put off retirement or have returned to the industry after a brief break, but after speaking with recruiters, news investigators discovered that at least some of these drivers are newbies. When examining the crash rate of this age group, investigators also learned that it had increased by almost 20 percent, just in the last three years. In 12 states alone, they counted more than 6,600 truck crashes involving drivers in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s.

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