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Concussions and other types of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can be very serious, and they can occur in a wide variety of situations, such as car accidents and workplace accidents. The symptoms of a brain injury may not be readily apparent, and they may not appear until days or weeks after the injury occurred. However, they can have a major impact on the life of a person and their family, affecting a victim’s motor skills, vision, hearing, memory, and emotional health. Because of these dangers, it is important to identify brain injuries as soon as possible, and some recent advances in medical technology may help determine the best course of action for injury victims.

Blood Tests for Head Injury Evaluations

In 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a method of using a blood test to evaluate mild traumatic brain injuries or concussions in adults. This test, known as the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator (BTI), measures proteins that are typically released into the bloodstream by the brain within 12 hours after a person experiences a brain injury. By testing the levels of these proteins, doctors can better predict whether a person has experienced a TBI and whether further tests and treatment may be necessary.


Green Bay brain injury attorneysA traumatic brain injury can come as a result of a blow or puncture to the head that disrupts the normal function of the brain. These injuries can range from mild to severe and even fatal, and TBIs are the cause of an estimated 2.8 billion emergency room visits per year and nearly 50,000 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Also according to the CDC, the leading causes of TBIs are falls (47%), self-harm (33%), being struck by or against an object (15%), and motor vehicle crashes (14%).

No matter the cause, if you survive a traumatic brain injury, the effects can last anywhere from a few days to perpetuating for the rest of your life. Currently, an estimated 5.3 million people in the United States live with a disability caused by traumatic brain injury or injuries. Many of these people suffer effects such as impaired thinking or memory, loss of movement and/or sensation, vision or hearing loss. Many suffer the emotional and psychological effects leading to depression and other mental health complications.


Appleton brain injury attorneysMotor vehicle-related injuries send more than 2.3 million people to emergency rooms every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC also reported that motor vehicle crashes were the third overall leading cause of traumatic brain injury-related emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Traumatic Brain Injury - Definition, Signs, and Symptoms

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be caused by a bump, blow, jolt, or penetration to the head that disrupts the normal function of the brain. Sadly, while you may be aware that you hit your head, you may not be aware that you have experienced a traumatic brain injury — mild or severe — until it is too late. Here are some signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury to help ensure you get the quality care and treatment that you need after an automobile accident:

  • Persistent or frequent headaches;
  • Sensitivity to light or sound;
  • Feelings of disorientation or confusion;
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness;
  • Nausea or vomiting;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Ringing in the ears;
  • Tiredness or sleepiness;
  • A bad taste in the mouth;
  • Change in mood or behavior;
  • Troubles with memory, concentrating, paying attention, or even thinking;
  • Small periods of loss of consciousness or blackouts that last a few seconds or minutes

More severe TBIs can produce even more serious symptoms, so watch for any of the following:


Green Bay head injury attorneysIf you have been in an auto accident, you are not alone. In fact, over 3 million Americans are injured annually in vehicle accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These injuries can range in severity, with one of the most severe being head injuries. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control reported that motor vehicle crashes were the third overall leading cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI) related emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and deaths among all age groups.

Whether it is severe head trauma or a mild head injury, there can be lasting effects that continue for years to come.

Studies Link TBI to Dementia and Parkinson's Disease 


Green Bay head injury lawyersStatistics indicate that around half a million U.S. children are admitted to an emergency room because of a brain injury each year. While most of these kids heal from their injuries, data from a new study may encourage parents to watch their child for signs of ADHD (or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in the years to come. Learn more about this study, and discover how a seasoned personal injury lawyer can assist you in your pursuit for full and fair compensation. 

Brain Injuries Linked to Increased Risk of ADHD

U.S. researchers examined the data on 187 children. Of those, 81 were hospitalized overnight for a head injury. Another 106 were hospitalized with injuries not related to the head. While none of them had ADHD at the time of their injuries, 48 (about 26 percent) developed symptoms over the next seven years. Children with head injuries were three times more likely to develop ADHD symptoms when compared to the children who were hospitalized with other injuries. General statistics, which indicate that about one in five children who suffer a brain injury are ultimately diagnosed with ADHD at some point during their childhood, back up the findings of this study. 

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