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Appleton burn injury attorney

Burn injuries can be extremely serious, and they may leave severe scarring if the burns are deep enough. What many people do not realize is that there are different forms of heat, each of which can cause burns. Dry heat is what people typically think of when they picture burns. The most common form of dry heat is a regular fire. Steam and hot liquids are classified as wet heat, which can also be very dangerous. Radiation, friction, electricity, hot objects, the sun, and chemicals also cause serious burns. Many of these injuries can be prevented, but when they happen due to the negligence practices of businesses or individuals, victims should work with an attorney to determine their options for pursuing compensation.

Types of Burns and Their Treatments

Medical professionals identify three different degrees of burns, and the seriousness of an injury is dependent upon the depth of the burn:


Green Bay burn injury lawyersDespite advancements in treatment over the last 10 years, burn injury victims continue to experience serious and sometimes life-threatening complications, including an infection that may lead to sepsis (and ultimately death). A new study suggests that vitamin D supplementation could be the key to reducing these risks after a burn injury. Learn more about the data from this study, and discover how a seasoned personal injury attorney could help you in your pursuit for full and fair compensation after an accident-related burn injury. 

Vitamin D Boosts Recovery for Burn Injury Victims in Study

Vitamin D levels and their impact are often overlooked by clinicians, but the Institute of Inflammation & Aging in Birmingham wanted to find out if it might impact the healing process of burn injury victims. They assessed severely burned patients over the course of a year and reached some interesting conclusions. 


Appleton burn injury lawyersThe skin is designed to protect the body from viruses, bacteria, and other foreign debris. When a burn occurs, the skin’s ability to protect the body is hindered. Because of this, burn injury victims may experience bacterial or fungal infections while undergoing treatment. Should this occur, their life may be at risk. Discover how an infection could impact the outcome of a burn injury case and learn more about how aggressive infection control could help reduce the risk of a death for you or your loved one while receiving treatment for a burn injury.

Burn Injuries and the Risk of Infection

Each year, some 40, 000 people are hospitalized for burn injuries. While most of those patients do recover, at least to some extent, approximately 3, 400 results in a death to the patient. Of those, about 61 percent are related to infection. As the leading cause of death in burn injury patients, it is an outcome that most physicians plan for, but none can altogether prevent. Instead, they can only strive to reduce the patient’s overall chances.


Wisconsin burn injury lawyersThere is a common misconception that electrical burns happen only to those who work with electricity. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. A homemaker or child may experience an electrical burn while using a defective in-home appliance. Swimmers can experience an electrical burn from cracked and uninspected lights in public and private swimming pools. Even car crashes and construction sites can lead to electrical burns. What happens to those who do experience them, and what resource might a victim have in such a situation? The following explains.

Understanding the Types of Electrical Burns

Electrical burns generally occur in one of two ways: thermally or an arc burn. Thermal burns are those experienced when a victim is burned by an overheated electrical surface, such as a conduit, or comes in direct contact with an electrical source. Arc burns are those experienced in the gap between conductors (air, water, etc.); these may also be the result of an explosion flash of electricity. Clothing lit on fire while touching an overheated surface may also be considered a thermal burn but could be, in some cases, an arc burn. Exact details of the accident will determine what type of burn a victim has experienced.


Appleton burn injury lawyersBurn injuries can be physically, financially, and emotionally devastating for anyone, but children can be at an especially high risk for fatality and long-term complications. Their bodies are smaller, and the recovery can be more traumatizing. Now it is being suggested that children may also experience developmental and educational delays because of their burns. This makes it even more critical for parents to understand their right to pursue compensation.

How Big is the Impact?

According to statistics from Safe Kids, a total of 334 children died from burn injuries in 2013 (the most recent year for which data is available). Another 126, 035 were seen in emergency rooms for burns. Their causes varied, typically by age, and included issues ranging from scalding to direct fires experienced in auto accidents.

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