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Thelen Practice Areas Personal Injury Auto Accidents Trucking Accidents Pedestrian Accidents Drunk Driving Accidents Burn Injuries and Electrocution Nursing Home Negligence Head, Neck and Spine Injury Motorcycle Accidents Recreational Vehicle Accidents Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists Construction Site Accidents Products Liability Serious Injuries Wrongful Death Workplace Accidents Dog Bites and Animal Injuries Family Law Divorce Post-Divorce Support and Maintenance Child Support Custody and Physical Placement Child Removal Wills, Trusts and Probate Wills and Trusts Probate Business Business Transactions and Relations Employer Representation Business Litigation Real Estate Business Acquisitions and Mergers Helpful Information Articles The Avery Netflix Documentary: The Difference Between Criminal and Civil Legal Actions Study Finds Repeat Drunk Drivers are Still on Wisconsin Roads Wisconsin Recreational Vehicle Safety During the Winter Months Wisconsin Boating Accidents and Water Safety Winter is coming, making car accidents a major concern in Wisconsin Third-offense drunk driver seriously injures four in two-car crash Changes to Wisconsin's impaired driving law needed to address 'huffing' Pedestrian Safety Tips Safety Agency Prevents Entry of Half Million Hazardous Products Commercial Trucks and Rear-End Collisions Who Let the Dogs Out? Pedestrian Accidents: the Other Vehicle Accident A New Standard for Expert Testimony in Wisconsin Texting or E-Mailing and Driving: No LOL Matter How 911 Calls Can Help Accident Victims Stay Safe on Your Bicycle this Summer Truth in Auto Insurance Provisions Protect Consumers Auto Accidents Happen: Do You Know How You Would Respond? GHSA: Teen driver deaths see first nationwide increase in 10 years Spring is here: Avoid car accidents in Wisconsin's changing weather Safety Tips for the Wisconsin Motorcycle Season Press Releases Client Reviews Video Testimonials Hiring an Attorney FAQs Are there charges for getting copies of my medical records? Is auto insurance mandatory and what type of coverage is required What type of insurance coverages can play a role in my personal injury case? What is a “Phantom Motor Vehicle?” Who pays for medical bills if I am in an accident and it was not my fault? Forms WKC-16B Contact Appleton, WI Office Location Green Bay, WI Office Location New London, WI Office Location Oshkosh, WI Office Location Blog Dangerous Intersections and Your Right to Recovery After a Crash New Brain Measurement Method Could Help Predict the Long-Term Outcome for TBI Victims Examining the Ten Most Common Types of Construction Accidents Seeking Compensation as a Drunk Driving Victim Injuries Most Commonly Sustained in Motorcycle Crashes Understanding How Semi Truck Accidents Differ from Car Crashes Vehicle Impact Speed and a Pedestrian’s Risk of Fatality or Severe Injury What Every American Should Know About the Consumer Protection Safety Act Understanding the Basics of Electrical Burns Who Can Be Held Liable in a Drunk Driving Accident? UCLA Biologists Find Head Injuries May Have Serious and Lasting Implications Examining the Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents Driverless Trucks May Soon Become Reality - Understanding How the Technology Could Impact Other Road Users Feline Bites Often More Prone to Infection Than Dog Bites Pursuing a Wrongful Death Claim in Wisconsin Burn Injuries in Children Can Have Long-Lasting Effects Study Shows Even Mild Sleep Deprivation Can Be Dangerous While Driving When Negligent Behavior Causes a School Bus Crash Pedestrian Accidents and Injuries – What Victims and Their Families Should Know Teaching Your Teen to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel Brain’s “Helper Cells” Can Turn Toxic After Brain and Spinal Injury Pursuing Compensation When Injured by a Speeding Driver Truck Drivers and Employers Continue to Buck Against the ELD Mandate - What it May Say About the Drivers and Trucks Already on the Road When Product Manufacturers Fail to Provide Safety Warnings - Understanding Your Rights in a Product Liability Case New Law in California Takes a Heavy-Handed Approach to Distracted Driving Understanding the Difference Between Complete and Incomplete Spinal Injuries When Unsafe Trucks and Dangerous Drivers Mix Early Morning Crashes and Black Ice - What You Should Know Car Crash Injuries in Babies and Children Practicing Yoga May Help You Recover from a Traumatic Brain Injury Most Commonly Experienced Auto Accident Injuries Pursuing a 3rd Party Wrongful Death Construction Accident Claim Understanding Wisconsin’s Comparative Negligence Law Continued Sleep Disturbance Could Signify Ongoing Complications from Traumatic Brain Injury Slick Roads in Winter Can Lead to Death and Serious Injury: Protect Your Family and Understand Your Right to Pursue Compensation Highway Hypnosis – What is it, and How Might It Affect You? Pursuing Compensation as a Victim of Aggressive Driving or Road Rage Young Adults Who Suffer from a TBI May Be at an Increased Risk for Criminal Activity Winter Weather Preparedness: What Every Driver Should Know About Their Auto Insurance Traumatic Brain Injuries from Accidents Can Result in Death and Long-Term Disability Staying Safe on the Roads This Holiday Season Avoiding Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Wisconsin Time to Prepare for Winter Weather Driving Risk of Rollover Accident Higher for Some Vehicles - What You Should Know Snow Plow Accidents Rare but Can Have Severe Consequences Tennessee is Taking a Heavy-Handed Approach to Texting and Driving Vitamin D Supplementation May Help Ease Depression and Fatigue in Spinal Cord Injury Sufferers Protecting Yourself from Financial Problems During a Personal Injury Case Rear-End Collisions Can Cause Surprisingly Severe Injuries The Burden of Proof in Personal Injury Claims Injured on the Job as a Temp? Know Your Legal Rights Social Media Use and Your Personal Injury Lawsuit A Recipe for Disaster: Wisconsin’s Already Too-High Drugged Driving Rate and the Rise in Opioid Use Unsecured Truck Loads Pose a Risk to Other Road Users – Know Your Rights Study Reveals Concerning Information on the Accident Rate of Self-Driving Cars Stem Cell Therapy is Giving Hope to Spinal Cord Injury Victims Injuries Commonly Sustained During Rear-End Accidents Injured on the Job – Should You File a Workers’ Compensation Claim or a Personal Injury Lawsuit? Could Pierce County’s Felony DUI Program Be the Solution to Drunk Driving Accidents in Wisconsin? Study: Concussions During Childhood Can Have Serious and Lasting Effects Pedestrian Deaths and Injuries Surprisingly Common in Wisconsin CSPC Report Reveals Concerning Information on Defective Product Electrocutions Traffic Fatalities in America Are On the Rise Researchers to Test New Device that Could “Jump Start” the Brains of Comatose Patients New Law Makes the Use of Cell Phones in Construction Zones Illegal Drowsy Driving Just as Dangerous as Drunk Driving Dog Bite Complications: When a Bite is More Than Just a Bite When “Free Speech” Becomes an Issue of Liability Auto-Braking to Become the Next Standard Feature in Cars Spinal Cord Injuries: Common Causes, Complications, and Treatments Traumatic Brain Injury and Your Risk of Depression Determining if Negligence Was a Factor in Your Personal Injury Case Staying Safe on the Road During the “100 Deadliest Days” Pokemon Go Causing Accidents and Property Damage: Know Your Rights Could the Distracted Driving Problem in America Be Solved with Reward Instead of Punishment? Study Reveals the Most Common Accident-Causing Distractions Death of Tesla Driver Highlights the Underlying Problem of Self-Driving Cars The Benefits of Defensive Driving in a World Full of Distracted and Drunken Drivers Dog Bites More Common in Summer: Know How to Protect Yourself and Your Children Study: Concussion Rates in Children May Be Significantly Underreported Drunk Driving Accidents Seriously Injure Thousands of Innocent Victims Each Year Knowing How to Recognize Early Signs of TBI Key to Effective Treatment Bicyclists and Pedestrians Especially Vulnerable in Drunk Driving Accidents Understanding Wisconsin's Dog Bite and Injury Laws and Your Rights as a Victim Passengers Are Most Vulnerable in Automobile Crashes, Study Finds Safety Experts Say Automaker Defect is Putting Countless Children at Risk Traumatic Brain Injury Linked to Long-Term Sleep Problems Snapchat Being Blamed for Auto Accidents After the Release of Their New “Speed Filter” Drunk Driving Thought to be a Factor in the Rise of Hit-and-Run Crashes in U.S. Warmer Weather Means More Construction in Wisconsin – Stay Safe and Avoid Accidents Furniture Tip-Overs Carry a High Risk of Death and Severe Injury for Children Sleep-Deprived Teens at an Increased Risk for Automobile Accidents, CDC Study Finds Events to Raise Awareness During Motorcycle Safety Month Taking Place All Over the U.S. Tragedy of Prince's Death May Mean Stormy Waters for Heirs of His Estate New Laser Treatment Approach May Ease the Pain for Burn Victims Bill Takes Aim at Distracted Driving Survey Shows Many Americans Do Not Understand How Auto Insurance Works Child Safety Seats Save Lives and Prevent Serious Injury After Death of Burlingame Father, Pool Owners Are Encouraged to Understand Risks of Electrocution Distracted Driver Month: Even at a Stoplight, Cell Phones Should Not Be Used How a Spinal Injury Registry Could Help Newly Injured Patients Could Simulators Help Keep Teens Safe on the Road? Benefits and Reasons for a Prenuptial Agreement Government Considering Mandatory Sleep Apnea Testing for Truck Drivers, Rail Workers, Bus Drivers Motorcycle Accident Prevention Tips for Drivers and Riders Sorry State of U.S. OWI Laws: Man Receives Eight Year Prison Sentence after Ninth DUI Conviction Traumatic Brain Injury Linked to Alzheimer Plaques in Recent Study New Bill Limits Liability for Minor Driver Sponsors Why Every Parent Needs a Will Read the Fine Print: Arbitration Clauses and Indemnification Agreements Are Everywhere New Phone App Could Help Improve Driver Safety Through Insurance Premium Reward System Safety Tips for Nighttime Driving Concussion Symptoms, Treatment, and Potential Complications Steps to Take After an Automobile Accident Burn Injuries: Types, Causes and Treatments Winter Weather Conditions Can Increase Frequency and Severity of Semi-Truck Accidents Teen Drivers and Texting: Encourage Your Teen to be Safe Behind the Wheel Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in Wisconsin Serious Injuries Commonly Sustained During an Automobile Accident Wisconsin Snowmobile Accident Prevention Study Questions Quitting Power of E-Cigarettes as Doctors Raise Concerns About Safety Wisconsin State Representative Wants to Stiffen Penalties for Uninsured Drivers New Study Asks – Is the Back Seat Really Safer for Passengers? Prevention and Treatment of Dog Bites Winter Weather Safety and Preparedness: Automobile Accident and Injury Prevention Personal Injury Prevention: Tips for Protecting Your Children from Toy Injury New Technologies Aim to Reduce Distracted Driving Accident Rates First Steps to Take After an Automobile Accident National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Proposes a Significant Overhaul on U.S. Vehicle Safety Ratings Popular Hair Product Under Fire for Allegedly Causing Hair Loss 120,000 Dodge Darts Recalled Over Potential Brake Issues Concussions May Cause Blood Flow Irregularities, Even After Symptoms Fade Wisconsin's 2015 Deer Hunting Season Deadliest in Years Billions of Connected Devices Pose Potential Liability Issue, Business Experts Say Override Truck Accidents Why You Should Seek a Medical Evaluation After an Accident Auto Accidents in Adverse Winter Weather Social Media Can Affect Your Personal Injury Case Smartwatches Can Cause Accidents and Injuries Avoid Electrocutions in Your Home How Do You Know if You Have a Mild Brain Injury? What Types of Evidence Can Prove a Truck Accident Claim? The Intersection of Semi-Trucks and Automobiles: Contributory Negligence in Action Drunk Driving Accidents May Increase over Holiday Season Broken Feet Can Cause Serious Losses Accident Victims May Require Surgery Head, Neck, and Face Injuries in Motorcycles Accidents Child and Baby Products Can be Dangerous What to do Following a Dog Bite Can Liability be Limited for Distracted Pedestrians? AB310 Limits Health Care Access for Thousands of Wisconsin Women and Men Halloween Dangers: Preventing the Risk of Injury When Should I Call a Personal Injury Attorney after an Accident? Liability in Head-On Collisions Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial? The Dangers of Flatbed Trucks Unexpected Fatal Head Injuries Vote for the 2015 Post-Crescent Best of the Valley Awards Types of Accidents that Can Lead to Traumatic Limb Loss Construction Sites and Injuries to Passers-by Seek Medical Attention as Soon as Possible after an Auto Accident Children Who Walk to School Are at Risk for Pedestrian Accidents Phantom Motor Vehicle Law in Wisconsin Personal Injuries Happen at School Bike Racks on Cars Pose Dangerous Risks Negligent Cargo Loading and Devastating Collisions Surprising Cognitive Driver Distractions Common Causes of TBIs FAQs about Electrocution Injuries Negligence and Wisconsin Drowning Accidents Kids Can be Injured at Summer Camp Road Trips Increase the Risk of Injuries Aging Truck Drivers Pose Risks on the Roads Spinal Cord Injuries Can Lead to Extensive Losses Stay Safe around Aggressive Drivers Negligence Can Lead to Crane Accidents What if a Friend or Family Member Caused My Accident? Do You Have Dangerous Products in Your Home? What is My Auto Accident Case Worth? Whiplash Injuries Can be Serious Motorcyclists and Catastrophic Injuries in Rear-end Collisions Fourth of July Celebrations and Serious Injuries Truck Drivers Who Violate Health Requirements Can Cause Accidents Teen Driver Accidents Increase during "100 Deadliest Days of Summer” The Psychological Effects of Burn Injuries Common Injuries Suffered in Bicycle Accidents Various Types of Birth Control Can Cause Injury Recovering for a Traumatic Brain Injury Liability in Road Work Zone Accidents Who Can be Held Liable for a Commercial Truck Accident? Common Types of Auto Collisions Caused by Negligence Be Careful of Dog Bites over Memorial Day Weekend Common Ways Insurance Companies Act Unfairly Understanding Fault in Civil Actions Motorcycle Deaths Continue to Rise Amongst Boomers High-Speed Chases: A Risk Drivers and Pedestrians Face on the Roads Uber and Lyft Making Moves in Wisconsin Oconomowoc Gas Explosion: State High Court Rules in Favor of Victims More Victims of J&J's Defective Hip Implants Are Eligible to Settle Wisconsin Bicycle Accidents and Car Crashes Pedestrian Safety: Preventing Accidents in Wisconsin Protect Yourself with UM-UIM Auto Insurance Coverage Driver Faces Felony Charges: Kills Three While Looking at Facebook High-Speed Pursuits: Brown County Sheriff Sued for 2012 Crash Ashley Furniture Fined Millions for Wisconsin Workers' Injuries Truck Accident Causes Chaos Near the Airport Traffic Fatalities Reach Record Low Police Hiding Traffic Safety-Related Information Takeda's Next Actos Drug Litigation is in Wisconsin Wisconsin May Become a Five Strikes State Snowmobile Safety Tips for Wisconsin Riders Study by UW Says Helmets Reduce Winter Sports Head Injuries Product Liability for Dangerous and Defective Products Property Ownership Not Enough to Establish Dog Ownership Wisconsin Workplace Injury Rates and Workers' Compensation Devastating 193-Vehicle Pileup on I-94 Recreational Activities: Injuries Sustained on Another's Property Be Wary of an Increased Number of Wisconsin Car Accidents this Winter Are Health Apps Dangerous to Your Health? Hurt by Dangerous or Defective Products? Keep Track of the Time Monitoring Wisconsin's Repeat Drunk Drivers WI Supreme Court Upholds Forced Blood Draws in Drunk Driving Cases Travel, Texting and Driving Three People Injured in Wisconsin Tanker Crash Wisconsin Wrongful Death: Homicide by Intoxicated Use of a Vehicle Pets and Strangers: Prevent Dog Bites this Holiday Season Self-Driving Car Accidents: Who is Responsible? Burn Injuries in Wisconsin Road Rules: The Right-of-Way in Wisconsin Wisconsin Faces an Increasing Number of Car Accident Fatalities Wisconsin Trucking Accidents Result in Serious Injury The Importance of Punitive Damages in Drunken Driving Accidents Understanding Damages in Personal Injury Cases Filing a Wisconsin Wrongful Death Lawsuit Preventing Wisconsin Motorcycle Accidents and Injures What is the Meaning of Negligence? Comparative Fault Laws: An Explanation Wisconsin Car Accidents: Safety Tips for Teen Drivers Left Behind: Catching a Hit-and-Run Driver Steps to Take after a Traffic Accident Recovering Compensation after a Devastating Traffic Crash Trucking Accidents: Who is Liable? What Causes Dog Bites in Wisconsin? The Role of Negligence in Car Accidents Common Aviation Accidents: The Real Dangers How to Handle Aggressive Drivers Personal Injury Cases: Calculating the Damages   What Causes Car Accidents in Wisconsin? How Product Recalls Affect Product Liability Cases Recreational Vehicle Safety: Preventing ATV Accidents in Wisconsin Workers' Compensation and Worksite Accidents in Wisconsin Pedestrians Face Serious Injuries from Car Accidents in Wisconsin Steps to Take Immediately after a Dog Bite in Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawsuits in Wisconsin Underage Drinking and Driving Accidents in Wisconsin Increased Motorcycle Safety in Wisconsin Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Wisconsin Wisconsin Drunk Driving Accidents: Avoiding an OWI Charge Semi-Trucks: Why Are They So Dangerous? Seeking Compensation for Wisconsin Car Accident Injuries Wisconsin Boating Accidents: Recovering for Injuries Sustained Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries: When the Owner is Your Friend Summer is Here: Is Your Teenage Driver Safe on the Road? Car Accidents Involving Uninsured Vehicles The Dangers of Fatigued Driving Green Bay Police Find a New Way to Promote Pedestrian Safety Fire Closes Down Fond Du Lac Hotel Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics in Wisconsin Accident injuries result from head-on crash Truck crash sends woman to hospital in critical condition Minivan strikes police van, injuring 4 officers Motorcyclist flown to hospital following crash in Wisconsin Toddler and 14-month-old injured in Wisconsin truck accident Crash with cement truck fatally injures Appleton woman Driver cited for failure to yield after fatal crash in Wisconsin Crash with semi leaves three family members injured in Wisconsin Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Disclaimer Are there charges for getting copies of my medical records? Is auto insurance mandatory and what type of coverage is required What type of insurance coverages can play a role in my personal injury case? Who pays for medical bills if I am in an accident and it was not my fault? What is a “Phantom Motor Vehicle"?


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